We Help Ourselves (WHO)

We Help Ourselves


WHO® is an educational program that helps children and teenagers learn how to prevent their own victimization by using appropriate decision-making and communication skills.

A goal for the WHO® program is for children and adolescents to see themselves as capable, worthy human beings who do not deserve abuse of any kind and to understand they are not to blame should they be victimized.


At the basic level, we need a website that will improve/simplify/enhance our current, paper-based/labor intensive business processes.

An effective web site will contain these functions and/or features:
• Provide information about the WHO program and provide links to related topics and programs where the site visitor can obtain additional information
• Facilitate expansion of sales and marketing -- the WHO products (puppets, materials, videos, training)
• Provide a delivery mechanism for transactions – training registration and confirmation, online WHO purchases – and for social networking (building online community; use of Facebook andTwitter)

We need a website to create awareness, provide reference tools/links/information and facilitate market expansion of one of our three program offerings which is an anti-victimization/child safety program designed for children/youth K-12. The WHO (We Help Ourselves) program teaches school guidance counselors how to facilitate the learning and discussions that occur in the classroom when students are presented the information.

The website is a critical element in the development of the WHO program as a social enterprise which will generate sustainable new resources to support our mission. As a social enterprise, it will allow for greater flexibility through additional unrestricted revenue flowing into the agency and, thus, decreases dependence on the external funding community. Without an effective web site for WHO, the ability to expand our market will be significantly limited.

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