St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store
St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store


We provide low priced goods and services for our neighbors in need, so that they may live in dignity.

Web Project

They need their website updated and enhanced.


Since October of 2007, we have had over 9,000 volunteer visits totaling 39,733 hours. Currently we are tracking volunteer information using excel spreadsheets. This is extremely ineffective because of a very innovative program we have in the store.

Currently we partner with over 32 agencies that send their clients to the store to get clothing, furniture and household goods. In order to assist our partner agencies in controlling their cost, they receive the merchandise at a discounted price. In addition, they can earn credits “Ozanam Dollars” to purchase merchandise for their clients. Our partner agencies earn credits by sending volunteers to work at our store. Each volunteer receives Ozanam dollars based on the amount of time volunteered.

Once again, this information is tracked on excel spreadsheets. On a monthly basis, we send out statements to the partner agencies identifying their volunteers, the amount of time they have volunteered, the amount of store credits earned and the current balance in their account.

Our desire is to have web-based databases that will be able to track the volunteer contact information, the date and times of their volunteer visits, calculate the volunteer credits and place the calculated amount into the proper partner agency account. We would love for this solution to be web based so volunteer can enter their contact information, complete their code of conduct and have their background checks performed prior to entering the store. In additions, we could use a computer located at our Customer Care Desk as a time clock for our volunteers. In addition, we want the partner agencies to have access to their account information.

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