Pre-GED School
Pre-GED School


The mission of the Pre-GED School is to provide free quality instruction on literacy levels 5 through 8 to adults in the East Dallas area, accompanied by free child care, so that the students may continue progress toward employment and educational goals, including preparing for the GED test.


The goal I am looking to achieve though the WE ARE MICROSOFT initiative is volunteer and student management.
1. Students can login and post absence reasons/ tardy reasons.
2. Teachers can login and update attendance/punctuality/participation for their class.
3. Teachers can obtain student information from the website (name, phone, email)
4. Students could see their class schedule for the week.
5. Ability to do this from both the traditional website and from a mobile-based site.
6. Teachers can enter work requests.
7. Students can enter help requests.
8. Attendance information would push back to our database.
9. Student info, class info would pull from database.
10. Volunteers can enter time volunteered and in what capacity. Teaching volunteers are the typical situation, but administrative volunteers are becoming more and more common.
11. Potential volunteers can request more information via the web.
12. Students can be registered via the website.
13. Students could see their open balance for textbooks online.

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