Legal Hospice of Texas
Legal Hospice of Texas


The Dallas Legal Hospice provides free legal assistance to residents of Dallas, Collin, Denton, Henderson, Hunt, Rockwall, Kaufman, Ellis, Cooke, Navarro, Grayson, Hood, Parker, Johnson, Tarrant and Fannin counties who meet all three of the following: Cannot afford an attorney are either HIV positive or have AIDS or a terminal illness, and have legal problems relating to or impacted by their health.


The website was donated and needs to be rewritten. The propasal for this group includes:

1) Redesign the site so that it looks more professional.
2) Get the online donations section working correctly and to be more user friendly.
3) Create the website in a way so that it can be updated and maintained by someone who does not have any professional skills in maintaining a website.
4) Integrate the file shares so other volunteers can access these files securely and remotely from the website.
5) Create a section where the forms they have can be filled out online and submitted to the webpage. If the information matches the criteria have the user get back information saying if they quality for their services.
6) The ability to send out mass emails to their their donor list.

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