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Bryan’s House is a charity that provides medically managed child care for children with special medical needs, including those affected by HIV/AIDS. We also provide case management, therapy services, emergency financial services and other help on site for the families of these children.

Most of our families live well below the poverty level – the average household income for our families is $11,000, with an average family size of four.


The Bryan’s House website was created several years ago by a volunteer. It is very simplistic in it’s formatting and does not allow for “quick” changes. Updating requires emails to go back and forth between the website administrator (volunteer) and Bryan’s House staff. The volunteer is employed full-time and response time can vary according to his work load.

The primary objective is to modernize the website by revamping the screens and creating the ability to make updates spontaneously. Additional pages and interconnecting of pages would be ideal. For instance, our home page may be very simple with some main topics that could be clicked on and would take you to additional page(s) that would provide detailed information about a service or program.

We want the website to be/have:
  • More interactive where clients, donors and volunteers can set up profiles.
  • Sign up online to buy raffle tickets or register for an event.
  • Interact with Bryan’s House.
  • Easily able to be updated so that our audience would continue to come back regularly.
We want the website to have:
  • A donate now button on each page that would take the viewer to a donation page where they can provide a credit card number and donor information.
  • A page with our volunteer application that can be completed on-line and sent back to a predetermined email address.
  • An events page that would allow viewers to see what was happening over the next few months. They should be able to click on the event and go to another page with details about the event.

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