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We believe that by working together, we can triumph over the world’s most challenging humanitarian crises. Our world-class systems make it easy and efficient for everyone from donors to nonprofits to governments to get the right aid to people when and where they need it most. Our team of passionate people is dedicated to creating and delivering tools and processes that bring people together to help others.

Mobile App Project

Aidmatrix currently provides an Online Auction Module to a community of nonprofits in the US. This solution is a web-based application that enables associations or networks of NGOs to make donations available in a “silent sealed-bid auction” to its members (also known as a “blind auction,” or “open ascending bid auction”). It is based on a point system, where members are given points and then use those points to bid and exchange for available products in the auction. It empowers the association to determine as a group how to best allocate donations and also encourages the members to generate local donations and make them available to members across the association. The result: more humanitarian relief gets delivered to member organizations, thus helping more people-in-need.

The Online Auction solution is currently used daily to help move millions of pounds of relief products in the US each week. The users of this system would like to be able to utilize their smart phones to access the solution and perform a number of functions including:
• View Current Auctions
• View Details
• View Upcoming Auctions Session
• Bids Won Report
• Bids Lost Report

The users are requesting this functionality as they often have to stop their current activity to go bid on an auction at their desk. This disruption makes them less efficient and effective in their daily efforts to provide relief. In addition, these users are already getting email alerts from the system on their phone so they see the power of smart phones to address this issue.

We feel that this smart-phone enabling is a great project for a We Are Microsoft Project as it can leverage and existing screen shoots and sample database scheme. This should enable the creation of the smart phone web pages in a rapid timeframe. In addition, the team working on the development of these pages would be able to see their efforts applied in a unique humanitarian effort that makes a daily benefit to millions of people.

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